Monthly Archives: April 2012

So no matter where i go these days colored denim has been popping up everywhere on the streets, at school, Tumblr, Pintrest, Twitter, you name it. But with so many retailers jumping on the colored jeans bandwagon it was hard to choose which ones I liked ( fit, color, material, quality ) and ultimately how much was I willing to spend on a pair of pants that were going to be put in storage come the fall. So here it is 5 different pairs of denim without killing your wallet.

1. American Eagle (44.50) – These out of all the other ones has the best color choices, including a dusty rose color, which compared to other retailers who sell it comes down to be the cheapest but still offering a great product. They have had these since spring started but ran out almost within the first few weeks, finally after a month they have restocked, so get them fast!

2. Tobi ($68.00  -47.00) – Oh how I love Tobi, the site is defiantly something to check out, these skinny jeans originally 68.00 are now on sale for 47.00 and come in a plethora of colors.

 3. Zara ( $49.90) – They only come in a few colors online, but if you are fortunate enough to get into a store check it out the last time I went in they had a whole array of pastels and they were cheeper.

4. Target ($22.99) – Who doesn’t like to find a good steal from Target and selling at $22.99 these jeans are defiantly one of them. I was skeptical about these being so cheep but when one of my friends highly recommended them saying they are just about the most comfortable pair of jeans she has ever worn, I had to check them out.

5. Alloy ( $29.90-34.90) – Im not so familiar with Alloy but they have an extremely detailed customer rating system which is great when you are shopping online. This particular pair only comes in 4 colors but they also offer other colored jeans as well.


Oh peplum how I just don’t like you very much, but like or dislike this has been seen everywhere from on the runway to the streets. Tops, Dresses, Skirts it seems like everyone is adding peplum, and for girls unlike me who have not been blessed with curves, this could work for you, in fact i encourage it.