Monthly Archives: September 2012

Yesterday I took a visit to DUMBO to check out what this Smorgasburg was all about. Usually located on the Williamsburg Waterfront on Saturdays was now extended to the abandoned Tobacco Warehouse located in DUMBO every Sunday until mid November. (Directly under the Brooklyn Bridge.) The location was totally awesome, the building is basically a brick shell that contained all the food related vendors. Not to mention being directly on the water gave me some great opportunities to catch some skyline photos.

I felt like the DUMBO location was slightly smaller than the Williamsburg one, which I have passed several time but never went in. However this being true there were still a ridiculous about of vendors there which made my choice of what to eat oh so difficult. I settled on a vendor that was selling asian inspired hotdogs. I chose the Vihn; a Banh Mi style hot dog topped with those toppings you would normally find in the Vietnamese  sandwich.

This was by far the best hotdog I have ever had. It was so fresh with the pickled carrots, raw jalapeños, and the fresh cilantro, yet as satisfying hotdogs are. My boyfriend got the Wangding; a hotdog topped with pork belly ( pork on pork what can’t be bad about that ) and and that too was out of this world.

Hands down I recommend checking Smorgasburg out, if not to get something to eat just to walk around. And if you are an adventurous foodie making a stop by ASIADOG is a complete necessity.